as i’ve become less active in the fandom i’ve decided to do one of these :)
in no particular order (ps i tried getting the correct url if not sorry <3)
voguejai, beauspeter, lukeslamb, kissingdirtypigs, jaibrookscock, admirejai, officialjanoskian, ejaiculation , fingermeluke, curllyhead, penola, forever-a-janoskian-fan, janoskiuns, janoskiansblog, dtf-sahyounie, woahbeau, sahyounie, whyjaidon, jaicrew, jacksgap-feels, lukesmurs, effabeau, janoskitubers, justanotherjanoskianator, male-janoskinator, ilyjanoskians, janoskiansonmybed, skippingluke, calumthomas, jaicrew, littlebeaupeep, inbedwithluke, jjanoskianss, jyebruuks

theres more but they dont go on anymore or changed url that i dont know haha </3 and im pretty sure some are multi-fandom blogs in there and sorry if ive forgotten anyone but ily a trilly o k that was a lame thing to say but you guys all have fab blogs  :)
mel xx
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